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July- Mid Winter Art Deco Weekend

15 July 2017

(Pahiatua to Napier)



Come and enjoy, the Hawkes Bay at its finest with a trip on our vintage railcar RM31 to Mid-Winter Art Deco Festival 2017.

any accomodation is extra.

Saturday 15 July 17 9.45am Pahiatua (Depart)
  10.10am Woodville
  1.40pm Napier (arrive)
Sunday 16 July 17 2.45pm Napier (depart)
  5.45pm Woodville
  6.15pm Pahiatua (arrive)

There will be a stop at Waipukurau for a tea or coffee


Over the weekend we will be operating various shuttles out of Napier including

High Tea Shuttle

Movie Shuttle

Dinner Shuttles

Hastings Shuttles

For further information on Shuttles and the Art Deco Weekend visit

Book here via Bookit



January 2018 - Festival of Lights


RM31 will take us to experience the joy and wonder of the New Plymouth Festival of Lights.

More details to follow, keep watching this space




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Previous Excursions:

For photos on previous excursions and activities around the Pahiatua Railcar Center visit our facebook page by clicking here


Pahiatua Railcar Society
P.O. Box 67
New Zealand


RM133 Railcar Trust Board
P.O. Box 67
New Zealand


Railway Videos

The Station

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When New Zealand was colonised by English settlers in the 1840ís, railways were already well established in many parts of the world. The first railway in Wellington ran from Pipitea Point in 1874 and was planned by the central government to be part of a main trunk railway stretching from Wellington to Auckland.

Only $27.95

Purchase now

A Living Dream

Description: Description: C:\images\living_dream.jpg

Follow the trials and tribulations as John Murphy and others seek to realise the goal of getting Standard Railcar RM31 back on New Zealand's railway network. Added are archive film clips of previously unseen footage of other railcars traveling around various locations throughout New Zealand along with many interviews. It also details the aims and progress of two other major railcar restoration projects currently underway by members of the Pahiatua Railcar Society.

Only $29.95

Purchase now

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