RM 5

1936 Wairarapa class railcar.

New Zealand Railways first commercially successful railcar class. Originally fitted with gasoline engines - later converted to diesel engines.


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Railway Videos

The Station

When New Zealand was colonised by English settlers in the 1840’s, railways were already well established in many parts of the world. The first railway in Wellington ran from Pipitea Point in 1874 and was planned by the central government to be part of a main trunk railway stretching from Wellington to Auckland.

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A Living Dream

Follow the trials and tribulations as John Murphy and others seek to realise the goal of getting Standard Railcar RM31 back on New Zealand's railway network. Added are archive film clips of previously unseen footage of other railcars traveling around various locations throughout New Zealand along with many interviews. It also details the aims and progress of two other major railcar restoration projects currently underway by members of the Pahiatua Railcar Society.

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RM 31

1938 Standard class railcar

Second unit built, arguably New Zealand Railways most successful railcar class and were (as built) the first commercially successful diesel powered railcar class in New Zealand.

RM 133

1955 Articulated Drewry class railcar
This is the 34th unit out of 35 built and was New Zealand Railways most numerous railcar class. This was in use by the rescue services at Auckland International Airport until obtained by the RM133 Trust, a collection of individuals, some of who are members of PRS.

RM 121

1955 Articulated Drewry class railcar

This is the last known articulated unit in existence. One half was was stored in North Auckland and the other at Waitomo until obtained by the RM133 Trust.

Tr 36

1939 Drewry Shunting Locomotive.

This class of 16 locomotives built between 1936-1939 were N.Z. Railway first major experiment with internal combustion powered traction. T.R.36 was the last built. Originally fitted with a Parsons 70 h.p. Petrol motor. Repowered in the 1960's with a G.M. 4/71 104 h.p. diesel engines.

Tr 160 (632)

1958 Price Shunting Locomotive.

Built by A&G Price in 1958, this loco has a Gardner 153h.p. diesel engine with a twin disc torque converter and David Brown final drive. It was last used at Kawerau and was stored out of use there for two years prior to being transported by road to Pahiatua in April 2004.

D 597

1937 Hudswell-Clark Shunting Locomotive

One of a class of 12 built in 1937, entering service with Public Works Department in 1938. This class represented the P.W.D.'s first major move into the realms of internal combustion power, having Originally powered with a Paxman/Ricardo 40 h.p. diesel engine. Repowered in 1970 with an AEC 187 diesel engine. Ex N.Z. Army Linton and Waiouru Camps.


4 wheel cement wagon

Built: 1963


Jc 4857

4 wheel sheep wagon

Built: 1967 and currently undergoing a slow rebuild

Kp 2714

4 wheel steel box wagon

Built: sometime during 1960's


La 15097

4 wheel highsided wagon

Built: in 1920

Lb 3217

4 wheel highsided wagon

Built: in 1976

Lb 2854

4 wheel highsided wagon

Built: during 1970's

Mc 2383

4 wheel lowside wagon

Built: in 1967 and now home to single man's hut

Mcc 2023

4 wheel motorcar wagon

Built: in 1941


Bogie highside wagon

Built: in 1952

T 218

Bogie cattle wagon

Built: in 1965

Ub 1208

Bogie flat wagon

Built: in 1950 and now supporting No. 1 end of RM121

Ur 1953

Bogie flat wagon

Built: in 1964 and now supporting No. 2 end of RM121


Bogie tank wagon

Built: in 1928

Vr 20

Bogie insulated wagon

Built: in 1960's

W 1235

4 wheel insulated box wagon

Built: 1960

Yb 581

4 wheel ballast wagon

Built: in 1942

Za 1327

Bogie steel box wagon

Built: in 1976

Patterson Patent Railwagon

On highway type rail wagon transporter. Used to transport high side wagons of fertiliser from railway yard to farms

Jiggers & Misc Equipment

6 person jigger (surfacemans trolley) motorised

4 person jigger (surfacemans trolley) motorised

2 x 2 person jigger (surfacemans trolley) hand powered

55 foot Turntable ex Thames



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